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List of enemies (in no particular order)Edit




Skeleton(axe and shield)

Zombie Giant

Giant Skeleton

Demon Warrior


Elite Demon Warrior

Strong Guard

Demon Warrior King

Super Guard 

Zombie Guard

Elemental Archers


Elite Ammit Wizard

Ammit Wizard (Elemental) Minotaur Lord

Elite Yeti Guard

Darkness Warrior

Doom Spinner

Lava Spider 

Giant Spider

Little Spider*

Jumping Spider*

Poison Zombie

Cobra Lord

Elite Antelope Spear Soldier

Anubis Warrior

Temple Guardian

Risen Sacrifice

Elite Minotaur 

  • I am not sure about the exact name of these enemies

These are all the enemies that I can think of... sorry... I don't know their stats either...

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